Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Juicy steak for dinner. I want more of this!!!

On my request, possibly to Mark's own craving as well, he finally agreed to show his excellent cooking skill tonight by cooking me one nice big fat steak.

First we must have our star of the night of course -- One big fat piece of T-bone steak, Tasmania best!


Gently pan fried till perfection -- Medium cooked!

Then, we have this nicely caramelised swede cube (a kind of sweet tasting potato. It is my first time tasting this, but taste heavenly with the slight burned sugar taste.


Then some brussle sprout mix vegetables. And the Steak Diane sauce pack.


Steak Diane, what a faminine name it is. Though when tasting it, I am not sure if that nice sauce taste faminine or not. You know, people always associate faminine tasting with things like vanilla or hinted cinnamon. But this one does neither at all. Heh...

Cooking cooking the sauce with some sinful heavy cream...



And viola, pouring it to the steak, loaded the vege in as well.


One closer look.


Steak anyone? :-D

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