Sunday, July 02, 2006

First home cooked lunch!

Just got back from the local market. Kih kih kih, wanna guess what's for our lunch today???

Guess what is Mark unwrapping there?


SNAP! It looks like a fish!

Yes it is, just barely arriving here for one day, Mark already bought one big fat 3.7kg Atlantic Salmon for me to eat. Though it's name Atlantic Salmon, it is really being grown here at Tasmania. Price wise, not so cheap. We paid like AUD$50 or so for it.


Poor fish!!! It died tragically and yet got cut dreadfully into many pieces with a blunt knife. SNIFF!!

You will be surprise to find quite a number of good "Fast Food" sushi joint around here, mainly because they get to serve the very fresh salmon and tuna sushi of course.


And we got ourselves these sauces for our own sashimi session


I was very much wanting to enlarge this pic for you to tell our reader how tasty the sashimi is, but I think twice and rather not. It is quite gruesome since we are not very good at cutting the pieces, so things look rather slimy...

Ah... what a weird fusion, Salmon sashimi, Pasta with basil pesto.

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