Thursday, July 06, 2006

An afternoon at Kingston Beach

Hmmm... Mark just decide to drive around here. The beachside is really a summer thing. There is nothing much going on at this place now in the cold winter. Seagull relentlessly trying to pry for food from passerbys.



There are two fish and chips shop nearby, and their fish and chip is quite unique, as they use locally caught fish as main ingredient. The fish actually taste fresh with crisp beer batter.

I ask Mark why it has to be beer battered, and he said during olden days in England, waster is not safe to drink thus the mixing of the batter use beer instead of water.


After light lunch, we went walking at the beach site. While I was busy collecting seashells, Mark was feeling charitable by feeding our excess potato chips to the seagulls. LoL



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