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Guang Ming Daily: Series on Abused Animals

How many time have yourself oogles as these cute little puppies when you went shopping at those big pet shops in Malls? They look ever so innocent, and they seemed to easy going, friendly. Dogs are forever human's best friend, and so they say.

Guys, they buy the dog for their beloved girl friend in hope that would pose themselves as a lovable as these furry friends.

Girls, they bought it because they feel their suddenly maternal instinct need to be filled by taking care of animals.

Well, babies are still out of the questions because of present law regulation on human right. Hamsters are too small to stimulate any sort of excitement. But dogs, no rigid laws has been put up for protecting these animals right, and they seemed clever enough for people. That is the reason making dogs to be a hot item as pets.

You may have a lot of money and you can buy the whole world, which includes these furry ones too. But successful relationship with them comes with a different price to pay too -- Your love and you time.

Here is 5 different case of abused animals, highlighted by Guang Ming Daily. I am not sure about you, but I cried a little when I see how they have suffer due to human negligance.

Case 1
A mixed breed Spitz used to live very happily with its master, a young chinese lad. But one day, it was hit by a car. The owner did not even bother to send it to vet for treatment. Soon enough maggots start to eats through its flesh.

The owner decided to put it into a gunny sack, all tied up, and deserted it at the road side! Although in great pain, the dog manage to make small noise, attracted attention of passerbys. It was sent to the SPCA, and put to sleep because of old age and infections.

Case 2
Bull mastiff was once a very sought after pure breed in the market. This puppy's mother was bought by a British expatriate and made to breed like a pig!

This puppy, together on their siblings had their tail cut off by tying a rubber band to restrict book flow to the tail. So much so eventually it falls off by itself. They were planned to being sold off at the high price to the market outside.

After being rescued, its siblings and mother was put to sleep due to terrible infections on them. While this dog was put to sleep later because no ones want to adopt him.

Case 3
Cute as this dog might seem, but life has not been easy for it. It was left at a run down shopping mall in Ampang Jaya just when it was born.

One day, while it was on its usual round to find for food, a bunch a Malay students came to tease the dogs. The teasing soon became a terrible torment as they start stomping it, throwing stones to it, beating the dogs.

It just bled so much, and lied there helplessly. For a while, it thought it is time to see its dead mother soon.

Fortunately, an indian couple pass by saw the inccidently. They chase away the Malay students and send it to the SPCA. Later it was being adopted by a family in Klang and living there happily ever after.

Case 4
A mixed breed dog that hangs around in Selayang area. She use to get regular feeding a from nice young man everyday. One day, a woman came teasing her babies when she was feeding. Alarm for her puppies safety, she bit the woman. While the woman ran home bleeding, her husband cameby later and bashed the dog up. She was beaten so badly, and only be left alone because he thought the dog died.

The young man that feed her came to the rescue, while the SPCA was called by the public. Later the young man send her and the puppies to SPCA so these dogs can get good shelter and medical treatment.

Case 5
Situated at Kepong Manjalara, is where SPCA rescued this poor Dalmation.

Her owner is a busy working class and has no time for her. She might appear to look adorable, which most likely is the factor she was taken at the first place, but in reality her life was far from being glamorous.

Most of the time she was left tied the way shown on the picture, no where to walk to. The only relieave is that the maid still feed her regularly. She cries when the hot sun burn her skin everyday, and she shivers when rains beats onto her. But one one in this world cared for her.

A caring public tooked her picture and sent to SPCA. It lead to SPCA writing the owner a mail advising him to stop abusing the Dalmation. The owner was furious at first, but realise the truth only when he saw the pictures of the dog on days when he was not around.

Feeling ashame of it, he gave the dog away to a family that has more love and time for her.



Do you have a dog? Are you already feeling ashame that you have not been paying much attention to them as compare to when you first got it? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW, because guilt and remorse set it later if you don't.

Do you want to have a dog? Why promote inhuman commercial breeders growth, instead of adopting from SPCA? They are cute, adorable, and they want your love just as much too.

Come and look for your pets here:

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