Sunday, December 04, 2005

A very nice weekend outing

Awww... what a nice weekend out. This is what I call a dream weekend date.

Went out for a gym workout with Mark at Curve, then had a nice long facial session at Clarins Wellness Center. I bought the special package with Clarins when they first launch their facial center some months ago.

I really adore the session. Felt very relax, and the beautician was very professional. Can see myself glowing with radiance after the session. Their product smell nice too.

After that, we decided we should celebrate the night out by driving all the way to Marriot Putrajaya for a nice buffet.

Pricing at RM55++, I find the buffet quite okay. Not the best, Mark and I had better ones at Equatorial Bangi (cheaper actually). But I forgive them since that they actually dished out frech oysters and mussels for us. Hahaha...

Dessert is no good. Main course is not too special as well. But they had coffee all you can drink, churned out from fresh beans.

Our nice evening then end with a nice slow drive around Putrajaya. I never get tired with the beautiful night skyline of Putrajaya. What more the drive was accompanied by a nice guy, with nice songs from Light & Easy FM.

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