Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where is your soul?

I have bought a book "Concentrate on Time Being: (当下, 把心放下) written by this Taiwanese writer He Quan Feng (何权锋) from Popular bookstore (RM34.90). Previouesly I've read his other book "Where does my love go wrong" (我的爱错在哪里), which I happened to chant it as my regular mantra these days. Concentrating on how to make the most of this lifetime, this book had me ponder on another aspect of my life.

Here is an excerpt of it, from the first entry:

Where is your soul?

A few days ago, one of a corporate lady manager came to me in worry.

She said in a worrisome voice:"When I am working, my mind is always thinking about what's going on back at home; Yet when I am back at home, I begin to think about work that is waiting for me in the office... what can I do about this??"

Another students so happened to have a similar problem too. It seems that exams are getting nearer, but he always seemed to have his mind at somewhere else.

He asked me:" I am in a lot of depression and worries, my most significant problem is that -- I know this girl, and when I am with her, I think about the exams which are around the corner; But when I am studying, I just can't seemed to stop thinking about her. What is wrong with me?"

Well, in reality, these sort of situation seemed to occur ever so often. When you are attending classes, you think about things you want to do when school finished. But when you got out from school, then your mind start to wander back to things happened in class; When you are working, you planned about what to do when the clock struck 5, yet when you are done from work, you think about what to do for work the next day...... People just never seemed to "Be In" where they are most of the time.

Have you ever notice that you never seemed to pay attention to that someone you are meeting, or that someone that you are talking to? Were you thinking about something else? When you are on holiday, you sit in the car, sit on a plane, sitting at the place where your dream vacation is, is your heart, your soul, your mind really there at the same time as well?

You go to work, attending classes, but was your heart there at the same time? Or has it gone wandering somewhere else?

You seemed to lost concentration, that is because you have never "Be In" where you are suppose to be at that moment, that place itself. You are a splitted, your mind and your soul goes on a totally different direction. That is the why you are always not yourself, always in worry.

When you are at home, you can only be at home. You cannot go to study at the same time, nor can you prepare for exams. This is a very simple reasoning. But you never seemed to stop thinking about things you cannot do. That is how all your problems evolved, understand??

You were never living at that particular time being. When you are wholely being at where you are, you will be fully relaxed, and be very glad about that moment you are in; You are always worry and jittery, that must be due to the fact you have never been acknowledging the moment that you are in now.

The only way to solve this problem, it to let go. Yes. Only when you let go your heart, then you can let go all your problems.

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