Monday, December 19, 2005

Foods - Stuffs that we tried here.

A trip wouldn't be complete if there isn't any good food sampling ain't it?

Here are some of the good stuffs we managed to eat while we were there.

Good O'l Tom Yam

And be cooled down with sweet tasting coconut juice!

Kalacs, that is what it is called. A Hungarian fare. I thought it was a type of tea when reading the menu. Eat that in Airport Plaza.

Various juice concentrate made from scratch. Very authentic. Get that from the food street near Night bazaar

Pork balls in spicy fish sauce. Made from scratch. Available at the food street too.

Bamboo rice dessert. I tell you, this is good. They mix the sticky rice with coconut milk, sugar, red beans. Stuffed inside the small bamboo and BBQ it. It look white because they have taken out the burn outer skin. When eating, just peel of the protecting layer like a banana.

Dining at open air, after visiting Doi Inthanon highest peak. Pretty cold that day.

A visit to the local market that open 24hours.


Insect snack bites, anyone?

Bought some very tasty dessert from the market. The red fruit like, actually is lotus paste wrapped with a red jelly membrane. Yum!

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