Sunday, December 18, 2005

Golden Triangle

This is a very very strange place. That is all I can describe about this area.

So famous around the world, but in reality, this place look so isolated, so dead. There is hardly any large prominent buildings around here, except the newly constructed golden buddha statue, and the casino.

I told you, there is nothing here. Can you tell which side is Burma, and which side is Loas?


Yes, a casino. This controversial place has a casino that very few people know. It is not too big a place, but serve the purpose for people around Laos, Thailand, Burma to gamble. Even the land that it sits on is debatable on which country it should be belong to.

The Casino

Another highlight of this trip was that we were able to get up to Laos side. There is this small little market area set up, just selling simple souvinirs to the tourist. My sister actually had time to write a postcard, and posted from here back to US at 45 bath.



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