Thursday, February 16, 2006

Diarrhea at Metro Manila

Wonder why am I posting at such early morning??? That is because I was so drugged and drousy for the whole night since 7 yesterday. Down with diarrhea, so lost in touch with reality, I am beginning to have very bad impression about this city, this hotel (The Peninsula).

Advance and modern this city may it pose from outside, deep down there are many ugly sides of it. The mob mentality of the people that never change since the day they break free from the American rulings. While the other side, Big grand theaters and convention center dotted the city with sense of culture, within the same place itself, there is always a chance me and you can get robbed, mugged with no second thoughts.

People here carry guns wherever they go. I mean, just the feeling itself feel so insecure. As we came back from dinner nearby, we were being checked and checked again by the security to unsure we are not bringing bomb to the hotel/shopping mall.

I am really not sure when is my next visit to this place again.

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