Monday, January 01, 2007

Five Goat Statue + Dinner at Er Sha Dao 二沙岛

It was already quite late when we came out from the Xi Han Yue Wang tomb. And we still managed to rush to take a picture with the five goat statue, which apparently is the symbol for Guang Zhou city.
China (447)

China (448)

But after that, the sun sat so fast that we wasn't able to visit to the memorial ground for the 72 warriors that fight the Japanese during post Ching dynasty. 黄花岗七十二烈士

So, it was time for us to have dinner. The driver was very enthusiastic in find us a nice western dining place. Guang Zhou too has its era receiving the early western culture since long ago. They too have this area that one once no entry to Chinese, hmm... and dogs???

Anyway, we went to this nice modern looking restaurant at Er Sha Dao 二沙岛. The state theater is nearby too on the next street. Had some very nice western cooking at a very decent pricing.

China (468)

China (464)

China (459)

China (455)

We had the Goose liver pate as well. Mom seemed to enjoy it by looking at the picture here. But if you ask me, pate is really not my thing. Tasted similar to eating one big piece of beef soluble fat into your mouth!

China (456)

I like this pasta. Olive oil but flavoured with hint of lavender. Yum.

China (457)

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