Friday, January 26, 2007

Flying off the handle on a Friday!!

What TGIF????

All this work that accumulate since last week is really making me out of breath. These stuffs! Plus one unknown sudden equipment tender is really sending me flying off the handle.

It is at time like this I always question the purpose of this lifetime, why I am here in this current time, current location. It is time like this that always bring me down, making me feel small, unimportant, sending me wondering why I am here, born into this world.

Issit my life has to be always about work? Issit always about feeding myself? What about self gratification then, does that ever occur to normal individual like me? I want to do something great too, but at moments like this I ask myself if I could ever be someone my parents and my partner proud of. Do I have the ability? How much more endurance I have got to handle before chances start coming towards my way?

I would think that a break might be doing me good, but what happens after the break then? Things like this will occur again and again, like a vicious cycle. So, at that time, how do I get away from the situation that might somehow consume me at the end? Help, I am drowning here, can someone point me to lighted parthway so I can stumble less here????

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