Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shits Happens - And its already 2.47am

What were you guys doin at 2.47am? Are you awake because tomorrow is a holiday?

It is a holiday for me, but I would've sleep earlier because I promised my friend I would go to that Sg. Klah hot spring with her the next morning.

But now... I am still awake... all because earlier in the evening My dog Jewel ran out and bit on a passerby. Since he insisted that he wants the rabies jab, so my bro and I went all over the place to find one place that has it, and at last ended up at UH emergency wad.

We sat there for the next 5 hours, waiting waiting like taking forever.

Eventually we found out that the jab cost RM280! and that guy must take 5 jabs as a course.

Coming home, then my mom is acting up all neurotic about this whole episode giving me shit when I already had enough of it. Oh well... shit happens I guess...

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