Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Lamb Being Devoured

She seemed so young and naive, and love is like a fantasy to her. Young princess met her prince when he needed her most, and "bam!" happily ever after. I don't denied I was once like that too.

There she went online and met this guy. He seemed nice, very knowledgeble, dashing(minus that big fat tummy), sophisticated with an American Accent. My my my, she felt for it, but she didn't know a trap is waiting to capture her.

Not that this captivity is dangerous neccesary, but is that prey that enjoys the process of capture and release. To see how he is able to overpower his prey, he smiled silently while planning his next step.

Dear small little lamb, are you awake yet??? I hope you see you path soon enough, and please, run home quickly to your mama so the big bad wolf will not catch you.

Don't worry about me, I am in safe hand now... and I won't let him hurt me again.

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