Sunday, May 08, 2005

Drunk Driving

Someone tied one red cloth at our house yesterday. Puzzled, my mom decided to take a look at houses next door. True enough, the other houses has it too. She followed the red cloth and arrived at this house few blocks away, and a funeral is being carried out there.

"Who's death??? Issit Mrs. Ho our friendly neighbour?" She thought.

Mom approached Mr. Ho, and he seemed so sad on his look.

Apparently their daughter, 28 year old young and beautiful has passed away last night. A guy friend and her had just left a party at wee morning, and trying to go back home through Jalan Templer. Perhaps he was drunk, and he made a misjudgment when did that cornering. And BANG! They hit a curved and then something else. She then died of internal hemorrhage, as her rib punctured her left lung.

That guy, he was around hanging outside the house. He suffered nothing, but he is suffering from remorse. He must've hope if there is a second chance, he will never ever drink another drop in his life time.

Don't think and drive, just like the naggy advert says.

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