Thursday, February 14, 2008

Day 1 Korea : Saying Hi to Jewel of Palace

Brrr.... cold...

That was the first impression when we stepped out from the Incheon Airport in Korea. There were even traces of snow on the road, cum with slippery water all around.

Winter is not fun in reality I thought myself. All these slippery water will get iced up tonight, and it shall then be very dangerous to walked on. Didn't that Dr. Atkins died from concausion, coz he slipped from walking the iced pavement?

Anyways, enough of that...

YES, I am finally here at Seoul alas.

Korea (17)

Korea (18)

All groggy as usual, due to the midnight flight

Korea (27)

First thing first, we were all whisked to the MBC Studio where the drama -- Jewel of the Palace was filmed. The studio was like 1 hour or more on bus journey from the Airport. So it was quite fortunate for us all to catch 40 winks along the way. Kinda unusual that we didn't get to see the City first but instead go outskirt.

Korea (98)

Korea (102)

This place really mean little to anyone that doesn't watch the show really. In actual fact, the studio look very small compare to what I had in mind. Guess the director and the producer were excellent in trying to squeeze as many scenes as possible by filming from different angle!

Korea (131)

Korea (185)

Korea (312)

The kitchen still looks well equipped, and comes with props as well as sample dish... heh.

Korea (314)

Korea (310)
Guess what's the King having tonight?

Korea (319)

Got to admit, photos taken in cold climate on a sunny day seemed to look better. Me think it is due to the excess UV presence in the sky minus out the humidity.

Korea (335)

Korea (331)

The studio office is not far from sight, most likely that's where all the actors and actresses shake legs on day not their part to work on.

So, what issit like to be in the mid winter in Korea? Well... for starter, the scenery mostly look boring, with browned grumpy looking bushes, miserable bald trees...


Korea (344)

They are everywhere, traces of them...

Korea (330)

I have seen snow before, but I still feel a little excite seeing it again. That is the symptom of staying in tropical country for too long!!

Next... we moved on to northern part where the mountainous region lies. Had a very good beef bulgogi lunch (no pics) on the way there. We were all thinking we could survived with such good meal treats like this the next few days, but we were wrong! I will narrate that on another time with long grandmother story when I have time that is...

We arrived at the Mt. Sorak (Mount Sorak, Sorak san) Daemyoung Resort that late evening.

Korea (361)

We quickly fed ourselves with dinner and we were all given a treat to the Hot Spring at the resort! No pics here, but I can tell you it was well worth the USD9 ticket paid for us to get in!

There were a few big pools inside piped in with sulfur rich water from the source. All with different temperature ranging from ice cold to ultra hot, and some of them even have water jet sprays acting like a spa and jacuzzi. A genuine treat for a tire soul like me!

Was sad that we didn't get to take pictures while feeding ourselves to the Dr. Fish at a special area. Had to pay like USD2 extra to get into the pool with small carnivorous fishes. These fishes loves to nibble on dead cells on our body. It didn't take that long before my feet were covered with hundreds of them. It feels very very ticklish, kinda like small electric jolts, erm... even like static shock per se. Haha...

But I do have pics to show you a typical Korean style resort where family of six can stay comfortably.

Korea (349)

Korea (350)

With a kitchen to cook instant noodles (Gosh they do love that... me too :-D)

Korea (352)

In actual fact, I think this unit can easily sleep 20 people as there was any specific bed present. All we have to do is pull the futon-like mattress from the cabinet and viola -- you get your bed.

Korea (351)

I didn't like sleeping on hard floor, but unfortunately is that for the next few days of my trip here we were sleeping on floor every night.

I tried putting more layers underneath but so far such attempt proved to be futile. I only got to roll on the real spring mattress when we went back to Seoul and check into Novotel. I do know some of my colleagues was still put to sleep on the floor while in Novotel and I am very glad it wasn't me. Ouch! Poor me on my back...

Next : Day 2 Korea - Mount Sorak, Seeing MORE MORE SNOW !!!

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