Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life on fast lane

At blink of eye, it is already approaching February. Looking back at month of January, I realized I still have not finish a lot of things and there are even more coming before CNY.

It seems just days ago I came back from Korea at end of December. Just got my bonus, and already quite a large part been deducted from it for this trip. Company is merely sponsoring RM2000 for the trip, thus we all have to fork out RM1400 something to top it up. I guess it wasn't so bad, considering we all had a lot of fun while we were there for the whole 5 days 4 nights.

Anyway, still don't have the inspiration to blog yet. Perhaps I should since that I would be going to Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai soon. Gosh, I am trill to think about the possibility to the complex canal in Suzhou and WuZhen. Though I might end up being coaxed into buying low quality made-in-chine souvenirs, but the thought of being in the metropolitan of Song Dynasty really brings a lot of romanticism feel all over me. Heh...

Trips will need $$ and that really bring the thoughts back to where am I gonna get $$ for all these short term enjoyment. Although my bonus really ain't bad this year, but there were all these prior commitments that I have promised upon myself. It is just another blink of eyes, and there aren't that much to play around after all. I am pretty sure that the Internal Revenue Board is going to be happier knowing that I start to contribute to our country a lil more serious this year. Gosh, I just hate that thought... especially seeing how our $$ are being spent ridiculously on all kinds of projects. Sigh...

Enough of rambling about, I guess I will just go play some reflexive game -- Farm Frenzy to make all these silly thoughts go away. Call it running away from reality, but I am gonna spent some time on this for the whole evening.

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