Thursday, May 01, 2008

Stuffs that we eat here in Korea

We tend to think we have great experience eating Korea cuisine before we came on this trip. Why do I say that? Well, it is the fact that our office is near the so called Little Korea, where many Korean's hang around (due to the Korean Embassy at the vicinity) at this Ampang Point area.

Therefore, even before we came to Korea, we have some good idea what Korean food is all about. We know what we get when we order things like Bibimbab - Hot stone bowl veg mixed rice, Kimchi stew soup, Korea BBQ. And we even frequent the Korean grocery stores dotted the neighbourhood!

But it turns into a somewhat disappointment during around stay here in Korean. While some day we get fairly good food, but mostly they just taste so so. I tend to think this is the case as things are so expensive around Korea, it is rather impossible to dish out something lavish because of the costing involved.

While the Korean royalties gets food like this many decades ago...

Korea (310)
Model at Jewel of the Palace

Korea (823)
Model at the Korean Culture Museum

Are daily meal pretty much comprises of Steamboats...

Korea (346)
Beef steamboat

Korea (622)
Mixed steamboat

Korea (623)
Veg steamboat

And side dishes... comprises of salad seaweed, Kimchis, anchovies and pickled radish.

Korea (353)
Korea (625)

And it gets a little worse when you are in the middle of the city

Korea (900)

And the place goes underground, a little too close for comfort.

Korea (901)

And since man power means $$, you will always need to cook your own food.

Korea (1035)
Korea (1033)
Korean stirr fried rice cake

So, you can't blame us for wanting to splurge a little trying other food outside.

Korea (437)
Ice cream moulded into pearl like shape, very good.

Korea (541)
Thank goodness there was tid bits and Korean ramen

Korea (736)

The fried chicken stalls few blocks away from the Novotel was a savior on our night playing card.
There are stalls on the street all over as well. But it gets a bit repetitive if you walk around long enough.

Korea (941)
BBQ sausages

Korea (940)
Korea (942)
Boilt stuffs - sausages, bean curd, fish balls.

Korea (943)
Deep fried stuffs.

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