Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Scoopz Ice Cream

I went for training for the whole last week in Singapore. One of the night, I went to the Parkway Parade in Marine Parade for dinner and found this delightful ice cream shop at the lower ground floor -- Scoopz.

It is not a franchise, and they made all their ice cream by hand. There is but little sugar but loaded with loads of real fruits within the ice cream. What they did is that they blended the cream and fruits together first, and there is this cold pan that they laid the cream mixture on it. After that, they just continue to stirr and turn until the ice cream set.

I can tell you, it is a great ice cream, and might be better than Baskin Robin or Haagendaaz that you prize at. My favourite flavour is the Durian, as well as Avocado. The avocado is mild but pleasantly flavoured, and Durian can taste the bits and pieces of it.

After eating few times from there. I thought myself: Says who that you can't get a piece of share out of a already competitive ice cream market? With the correct formulation, and great innovative ideas, there will always be chance for any person. In fact, I think that this rule applies to many other area in our life too. When we complaint that there is not opportunity in work, or chance in life, we should ask ourselve if we have give a thought on making ourselves becoming a better person.

To learn more about scoopz, you can read from here:

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