Sunday, March 19, 2006

A song, dedicated for myself

曲名:笑忘书 歌手:王菲 专辑:寓言
Letter for laughing and forget - Faye Wong

Lyrics Translation:

没 没有蜡烛 就不用勉强庆祝
If there's no candle, then there is no need for celebration

没 没想到答案 就不用寻找?目
If there isn't answer, lets not start a topic

没 没有退路 问我也不要散步
If there is not turning back, I don't want to go for a walk either

没 没人去仰慕 那我就继续忙碌
If no ones admire me, let's keep myself busy then

来 来 思前想后 差一点忘记了怎麽投诉
Come on, pondering back and forth, we've forgotten how to complaint

来 来 从此以后 不要犯同一个错误
Come on, from this moment, lets not make the same mistake again

将 这样的感触 写一封情书 送给我自己
Lets put this emotional thoughts, into a love letter for ourselves

感动得要哭 很久没哭 不失为天大的幸福
Feeling touched in heart, we then cried our heart out.

将 这一份礼物 这一封情书 给自己祝福
As a gift, we wish ourselve for a better future

可以不在乎 才能对?人在乎
When we stop caring too much about ourselves, then we have more for others

有 一点帮助 就可以对谁倾诉
When there was help, and we start pouring ourselve out

有 一个人保护 就不用自我保护
When there's someone to protect us, we stopped protecting ourselves

有 一点满足 就准备如何结束
When there's a little satisfication, we planned to stop soonest.

有 一点点领悟 就可以往后回顾
When there's little enligthenment, we starts to look back...


From crying at the beginning

we turned smiling while feeling envy

Oh, how time past

Only myself know the best


I never really like Faye Wong when she first started singing, many moons ago. But these days, I find many of her songs reflect those terrible relationships that she had gone through these years. Listening to this song, it makes me feel stronger from this period of time that haunt me a little.

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