Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sanden Pensjonat, Lærdal

19th September - Cloudy

After the exhilarating experience at Norway in a Nutshell, we continued our journey towards the east side. We were wanting to get there through the Snow Road which was said to be very nice with views from high atop of the Aurlandsfjorden. Coming from Aurland side, we try and try to search for the road and our GPS keep pointing us on some off road through some people's backyard which is kinda scary since it look totally inaccessible by our car. I thought that road must be like a 4x4 experience.

So... as the end we had to cross that longest tunnel in the world, like 45km or so, and not see anything but a pitch dark cave all the way to Lærdal.


With such a small population of 500 people, it didn't take us too long to find Sanden Pensjonat in this small village. It is located just right next to the tourist office. And the whole small old touristy Lærdalsøyri area is empty with us.



Though the our lodging looks very petite from inside, but this old wooden building was very well preserved and stayed by a couple doing some artistic work. The rooms are very very cozy, fit for a smurfs! Not forgetting the bathroom, all revamped with nice hot shower and heated floors too.






We had very early dinner, as there was another couple waiting to use the kitchen too. I think they were amused with the amount of cooking we were doing. Can see their eyes rolling wide as I saw they were only planning to have only pizza and wine that they've got from the supermarket nearby. My mom on the other hand was just dishing out the yummy beef rending she prep the night before.


View from 2nd Floor

There are not much to do here at night. We just took a walk to the nearby river and took some pictures. Loud Malaysian like us spoke like thousand horses roaring over, and I thought we did startled some old folks that still stay around here. Haha...





We had some great time spent up in the attic throughout the night, with my mom gulping beer away and my dad cannot be parted with his free wifi access. I was just doing nothing scanning through pics that I've taken today.


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