Sunday, February 22, 2009

Guang Zhou Food Hunt - 广州银记肠粉店

Rachel's friend came meet us up while we were walking around the Beijing walking street mall 北京路步行街.

She then lead us to this shop which I won't have any idea how to get there unless someone tells us where it is. There were like thousands of shops around and I could have miss this shop easily.

银记肠粉店 (Yin Ji Chang Fen Dian, directly translate as Yin Ji steamed cheong fun shop) is where she led us to. It is just behind the Beijing streetmall.



The shop was filled with people for breakfast, lunch and dinner selling on few things.


Hand made steamed chee cheong fun, with cabbage and stirr fried beef inside. The cabbage and beef combination is gives really surprising good flavoring, coupled with thin but stretchable steamed rice skin. I have not tasted good Canton style steam cheong fun for very long and I really like this.


The Canton porride is known for their savory tasting and has combination on century egg + mince pork, or just fish, or plain chicken. The main character of a good cantonese porridge would be the finely boiled rice till a point you don't see the grain. This shop has very good porridge that is hardly too salty, very healthy.


Of course, Cantonese porridge won't be complete without the deep fried You Tiao 油条.

We had a very good appetizer as well - Stewed beef brisket in secret sauce (I named it myself, heh)


Even the HK food critic Choy Lan, 蔡澜 came here before. This place has won many awards and they decided to hang it all up. Heh...



A must go I'd say when you are ever around this part of the town.

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