Monday, December 31, 2007

Kaya Toast at quiet Kampung Cina, Kuala Terengganu - Mingstar Hotel

Came to Kuala Terengganu when the whole of East Coast was submerge in water as if!! The rain never seemed to stop at all for the whole two days.

George the engineer was suppose to fix a machine in Universiti Darul Iman in Terengganu, so I had to wait for him. Since his wife happens to be in Terengganu, George promised me a very nice breakfast the next day. Heh.

As for the night, his wife recommended this nice cozy little hotel call Mingstar. I was almost going to stay at the run down Permai Inn that charge RM160++ a night but felt luckly to check into this one instead.

Mingstar is very new but does not lack of the routine facilities. I paid RM138 nett a night for a Deluxe Room that actually fit a family of 4! It has got lift service too although just a mere 5-story shoplot.

Card Access Door


Wooden floor finishing

Ultra spacious, sparkling clean toilet with hot shower

Apart from there, there's free broadband internet in the room. Just ask for the ethernet cable from the front desk for free. Later on I also found 4 tin cans of drinks and two small bags of peanuts complimentary. What a treat really!

Mingstar Hotel can be rearched here:

Next morning, George and wife came pick me up for breakfast. We drove to Kampung Cina and stopped at the wife's father coffee shop.


They ordered me a standard Kaya Toast with Half Boiled Eggs and Coffee.


Apparently their Small Buns with Kaya is very famous in Kuala Terengganu! The Malay macik toasted 4 small bun at a go on the charcoal stove, and then laid on the plate with loads of kaya and margerine spread. The customer help themselves with however much of Kaya and margerine they like.

George says that even the half boiled eggs were requested as takeaway! How hard issit to make half boiled eggs really?


After that I ordered myself a bowl of meehoon with shredded chicken in black looking herbal soup. It is quite tasty, not too much salt. The herbal tasting isn't bitter at all, somewhat reminded me the mild version of Bah Kut Teh. Go figure yourself!

How to get there: I also dunno how to direct you there, but... Go into the main entrance of the Kampung Cina (One way street I think), pass by the Golden Dragon restaurant on your right and the T-junction. Then you will see this small little looking coffee shop right next to another small little junction on your right.

It opens only till about 11am everyday. Lunch time then followed by this auntie that fried fairly good noodle, as blogged by this other guy I found on the net.

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