Monday, December 31, 2007

Trip to Gunung Keriang, Sg. Petani

After a week back from Taiwan, I got tagged by mom to her friend's bus trip up north. Something like a 2 day 1 night thing, with overnight in a salesman banglow somewhere deep inside Bukit Mertajam.

The highlight of the whole trip was this 20 people water color painting in the Gunung Geriang Museum. It is said to be located in Alor Setar, but some said Sg. Petani. You go figure out yourself on Google I guess.




Hmm... the building itself look pretty new... but strange is that they have the toilet located outside way behind (must brave to hot sun to it, beware : only 3 stalls available. No guaranteed all stalls working!!!). It is surrounded by vast laid out of paddy fields, with a large stone hill right next to the building. Later we found out that's the Gunung Geriang that the museum painting based upon!

The ground floor has some pathetic looking exhibition, mostly about paddy farmers' life in Northern Region.

The main first floor lobby looks really empty for the space it command. Mostly people came here to que, so that they can climb up to the middle Dome to see the painting.

No camera here cause tourist must pay RM1 for bringing camera inside.

The whole situation gets really ugly when we discovered the same spiral staircase is being used to go up and down from the Dome. Surplus is that the tunnel up there gets very dark for god knows what reason. DUH!


So, here's are some of the 'secretly captured' pics of the painting. The painting rumoured to be based upon a circular view captured on a helicopter. Wonder how true is that.



While we all shouted about Malaysia boleh, funny thing is that this painting was painted by Koreans instead of the people from bolehland. Besides that, the circulating platform was announce malfunction for the past 3 weeks at time we were there. I wonder if it is already fixed now...

Anyways, after that we headed on to the other side of the Gunung Geriang.


Here there are some small stalls selling very 'young' crystals quarried within the Gunung Geriang itself.


This is the first time I am hearing that Malaysia has crystals too, albeit they look too amber like.


Erm... hardly a semi precious stone as their density still way too low. Apart from that, the color of it just look so miserably yellowish. Hardly high class at all.

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