Friday, September 12, 2008

Back from Scandiavia Trip

Gosh, came back like 7am in the morning yesterday. Good thing that I took half day leave so I can sleep through till around 1 before start going to work. If not I would've easily turn up zombie-like. I decided not to sleep throughout the flight but instead immersing myself watching 4 in-flight movies back to back :P

There are lots and lots of pictures to be sorted out. Still not recovering from being awed all over by beautiful Norway Fjordlands. I don't think I can easily forget the scenery in Norway even for the many years to come. The snow, the highlands, turquoise crystal clear water melted from the glacier high on the Jotunheim moutain range...

But I guess nice thing in life always come hard to get. Whatever we used to enjoy back in Malaysia seemed so hard to come by here($$ wise, availability too). I won't dare to even step my foot into the Thai massage parlour that we happened to pass by in Gotebörg after imagining what it would've cost me for a simply aching relieve pressing. Looking at Danes munching happily at a Japanese restaurant next to Tivoli, I tried to convince myself the sandwich we packed for the day taste better but that did take a lot of effort! No coke for 16 days as well, as a bottle of coke of 275ml cost USD4! Crossing a bridge for USD40, but it is not cheaper for crossing with ferries too (think about USD40 or MORE). I can confidently say my diet was much healthier during this 16-days, no eating outside, all home cook, fruits, no sweet drink, no ice cream... haha.

One event that we cannot stop remembering was during one night in Norway fjords, we need to drove quickly from the Briskdal glacier to Lom where we booked to spend a night in a family run farm.

Our GPS, sigh, decided of all the route pointed us high up on the mountain to a scenic drive.


Yeah, it must be very spectacular in the day time with all snow mountain surrounding, but I call it eerie wandering alone in the car with no one around you, what more on an unpaved 40km long road!!! It does take much guessing that my mom was all hysterical on what if our car broke down and wolves come preying on us! Scary it might be, but not that I recall back, I actually find this whole scenario rather hilarious and stupid. SIGH!

Will stop here now. Gonna try blogging about the trip in details bit by bit. Perhaps can start during next 2 days holiday I think!

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