Sunday, September 07, 2008

Scandinavia - Almost Packed

Yeah... I will be away again for two weeks. Gonna head to Scandinavia Europe for two weeks soon. I just took a look at my beg, WOW, it is still a mess. But I guess things will be quite ready when the time comes (I HOPE!)

Our trip...erm...something similar to this, got from Globus Tour

Our trip will span from Sweden, Finland, Norway then to Denmark before heading back to Stockholm to fly home. Along the way, we have planned our trip to see as much as possible within this 16 days. It is of course crucial to do so because being there in Scandinavian countries is nothing but expensive. Therefore, it is impossible we gain maximum sight seeing with little time as possible. :P

Talk about things getting expensive, I am still very skeptical thinking the fact my parents is going to stay in backpacker's inn together with me. That is real first considering they always been lodging at nice hotels on their previous travel. I wonder what will my mom think when she realize the toilet does not come with toilet roll. Already she was nagging about hostel in Stockholm not providing pillow case, bedsheets, etc. Heh...

Anyways, the best highlight in this trip, in my opinion would be the Norway magnificent Fjord (pronounced as Fyord?). I can't wait to go see them soon!

We gonna stay in the Farm stay as well during one of the night when we are here.

Also is the Stockholm Gamla Stan old town.

As we arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark, apparently the famous Tivoli Park will be closed by then during Autumn that is. So, I guess that left us with Legoland Theme park as well as Christian Anderson's Museum (the guy that wrote little mermaid)

As you can see, there are too many places to cover in such short time. We've already a car from Hertz in Stockholm. They've promised us a Volvo S40 for around €500 for two weeks (which we thought is okay.) Also ready is a Garmin Nuvi 200 that I asked my sister to bring back from Michigan for us. So things are good so far...

Hopefully I shall be able to write a thing or two during this trip, otherwise you can certainly guess that I must be all stressed up trying to fumble my way around this trip. Will keep you all updated!

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