Thursday, December 17, 2009

To Copenhagen, Denmark via Gotenbörg

22nd September 2008 Sunny, Warm

We have agreed that today, we will drive down to Copenhagen via Gotenberg. Originally we wanted to cross over to Denmark via the long bridge, which cost around USD90 per way. Then we decided that through Helsingor and Helsingborg, it will be way much nearer to where we gonna stay.

Half way through, we stopped by at Gotenberg for lunch.


Passed by a local Asian grocery shop, to our surprise, we met someone from Malaysia that came to Sweden and have a Malaysian restaurant here. He was very enthusiastic to meet someone from Malaysia there, and offered to show us around Gotenberg. We politely thank him but told him we had to rush down to Copenhagen before night sets in. He seemed a little disappointed, but still showed us quickly to a nearby market where we can have lunch there.

Since we have been cooking our way throughout Scandinavia, we didn't have much chance to eat out really.


This is our first time eating stromming... which really translated to deep fried fish with mash.


Also, we have order pan fried beef (with lingonberry, just like the one for their kottbullar), and a chicken chop. Somewhat remind me of a typical cheap fast food, hmmm...



We then quickly continued our journey, passed by some wind farm, looking majestic from afar.


Soon we reach the ferry terminal, and quickly board on it to cross over from Helsingborg to Helsingor (erm, was it the other way round?)





Then it was another 30min or so to get from where we alight to Feriecentret Rågeleje Klit - the place where we will put up for the next few days.



Sigh... what a relieve to know that we won't have to pack every night to move from one hostel to another. Dad managed to book this place through RCI timeshare exchange, pretty much in a very tight time frame.


This RCI timeshare is located right next to the seaside, and at a very quiet neighborhood. There are some wild birds very big in size. My mom was very daring to feed them some rice on one of the day.



By the time we reach here, the guys that maintain this place has long gone home. Since it was a long day for us, we decided to cook something easy then retire early for another long day tomorrow.


It has been a while since I last update on this trip. I guess it is about time I finish off on this trip, and perhaps I will write a little about Dubai as we will be going there coming Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I would also love to travel that way but we end up crossing the Orescund bridge for some important matter in Malmo,where its nescessary to stay for two days.As asian traveling to Europe it was fun oh crossing another Country without any inspection upon arrival in Copenhagen.Its anice experience on having not the trouble of dipping in your pocket for your passport.

Robert Aujero said...

My family is alaso planing to go to Copenhagen ,weare from Säffle,which way is better?