Sunday, December 20, 2009

Legoland Billund, Denmark (plus HC Anderson Museum)

24th September 2008 - Cloudy

After seeing the city two days in a row, it is time for us to see the beautiful countryside of Denmark, laden with gentle rolling hills, dotted with cozy looking wooden house, just like from the fairytale.


We first drove to Odense, where Hans Christian Anderson was born, just to visit a museum of him to pay tribute to the melodramatic pessimistic stories he have written.



Hans Christian Andersen Museum - A museum dedicated to the city's most famous son, author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, most famous for his fairy tales and in particular The Ugly Duckling and the Little Mermaid. Part of the museum is located in the house where Andersen was supposedly born (though he would never confirm it). The impressive collection is mainly documents from his life and times, period furniture, and many drawings and paper clippings he is famous for at home.

There wasn't really much there, so we continue further, crossing another main bridge and came to Billund - Where LEGOLAND is at!!

This is much more fun than HC Anderson Museum

Ticket booth


Was lucky that by the same we arrived around 4pm, we waited for about an hour, and went into the park for free! No time for rides (not that it is suitable for adults anyways), we just charge inside and snap too much photos!


Our dear friend working quietly at one corner... kih kih kih






Shaking leg at Nyhavn...




Legoland looks even better in Autumn with red and yellow colored trees

Miniature Amalienborg, all made up of Lego blocks

That's the end of our trip to Denmark really... there are just so many things to see and do here, which I am sure if I were to see everything in details that will take at least a month!! For that I can say that I definitely will come back again to see more of Denmark in the future!


This concludes my 16 days trip to Scandinavia. I am relief to have finally blog this trip here, which actually took me more than a year to do this. I have been very busy the past whole year, and was not really in a mood to do this. But now that I have finished blogging here, I will try to updates on my trip to Dubai and Oman coming Christmas. Do tune in!

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