Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nadeje - Mille Crepe

Was in Malacca yesterday for work, decided to head to Dataran Pahlawan to find for Mille Crepe at Nadeje. I was surprise of not knowing this cafe despite how often I come to Malacca at one time few years back.

Despite what Jason Mumbles say about Nadeje (
The Downfall Of Nadeje Patisserie), I have come to Nadeje to sample their version of Mille Crepe, despite Amos has left to set up his new company continue baking the mille crepe he enjoys since start - Humble Beginning.

I've own share of eating Mille Crepe in KL, at this place called Food Foundry. It is really a neighbourhood setting kind of cafe, trying to look chic and they serve the crepe that everyone's talkin about. Being a vanilla kind of person, I thought I would enjoy their Mille Crepe but it didn't really put any memorable impression after eating there 3 times all together. Just plain pancake loaded with vague tasting whip cream and fruit jam seemed to come in big bulk tasting too sweet I felt.

So, I was very willing to try the Mille Crepe again at Nadeje. Took us a very long long time to locate the place in Dataran Pahlawan, especially when this mall have very few direction map and the building is too confusing. Hidden nearby the open air Old Town cafe, it stood very lonely and quiet without much patrons.
Nadeje Patisserie

Surrounding within seemed to wear off as well, though one still can get a glimpse how the owner would want setting to be at the first place.

Nadeje Patisserie

Perhaps business is really bad, Nadeje was doing a promotion of either coffee or tea at RM3 when customer order a piece of crepe for RM7.50. Mark and I was surprise that the price is reasonable.

Mark ordered an ice tea to go with his chocolate banana crepe, while I settled in with Vanilla crepe with ice coffee. The vanilla crepe came looking really well, and the taste to it definitely is better than those we had in Food Foundry without a doubt. The cream between layers taste more flavorful with lightly burn sugar layer on top. It taste heavenly as a whole.

Nadeje Patisserie

Bill came to about RM25, which we thought it wasn't bad at all. There are other simple jap-western fusion cuisine here as well, like the Japanese curry rice, and vinegar drink. Not my main interest though really.

Nadeje Patisserie

I guess I will drop by to the other brand next time and see how different thing there compare to here. Perhaps I will be told that I have to order a drink with crepe at that time??

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Enqvist said...

miss the crepe after trying. really good