Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tiny - In Loving Memory

Tiny pass away around 9pm tonight. He was in great suffering for the past whole week, the doc said that his cold coupled with his old age, and heart pumping insufficiency rendering his health deteriorate faster than we could imagine.

I can't stop crying, after all these years he came to our house since he was a puppy 13 years ago. I still remember bathing him in a small miniature play bucket that he was so curious in it. He was so small then, with my palm fitting his whole butt just right. Still can remember him calling for his mom every night when he first came, was feeling so sorry for him then.

I really miss him, even though I know he has gone to a better place. I miss him so much that I thought I hear him throttle around when my mom walked pass just now.

My mom and dad didn't want me to feel sad so they buried him in hurry before I came home. They even hid the cage and all the feeding utensils too.

Sigh... everytime a dog dies in our house, it take a part of me together with it to heaven.

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