Friday, May 05, 2006

Conquering Pizza Hut Salad Bar!!

Hahaha!!! Got this from the email and decide should share with everyone.
Maybe you can try this the next time in Pizza Hut.

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1. Prepare a plate, laid items that you wish to pile on, and some salad dressing as well

2. Lay the bowl with solid item first, and pack them tightly. Along the bowl side, arrange the carrot stick in order.

The crucial point is that from side you can only see a slight cave in, not too much yet not less. Refer to picture for some idea.

3. Then, on the tightly piled middle part, arrange the pineapple cubes orderly. (Arrange one ring only)

4. Within the pineapple ring, fill it up with the ingredients you like (can choose peach, then fill the gap with small items like green peas

5. Flatten the inner ring, then lay one more ring of pineapple cubes right outside.
The is the first base laer. It must be arrange very nicely, looking sturdy from the side. If not, it shall be a shame when things fall apart along the way!

6. Since I love peach...more peaches then

7. Outside the peaches, where the outer pineapple ring is, pile on some cucumber slices. That is to prepare for the next layer of pineapple ring.

8. After the cucumber arranged nicely, scatter some corns and ham bits to make the surface look flat.

9. Now, the second layer of pineapple rings, right on top of the cucumber.

10. Continue pilling more peaches in within

11. That's the way, building layer by layer. Becareful that it will fall over when it gets too high! Don't want to loose face by being too greedy.

You can layer evenly with salad dressing and some raisins along the way

12. Initial success

13. The Mytical Six-storey Salad!!!!! And the bowl disappeared!!!

ALAS: The salad in the picture was good enough for seven people, with 2 pizza all together, using the web coupon.

Using the coupon, we had 4 pair of BBQ chicken wings with 11cups of Coke. All 11 of us were full eating all, yet we just paid HKD26

Second time there...

Third time there...

The recent time went

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