Saturday, May 06, 2006

I question the existance of true love

Been chatting with this guy I met on the net recently. Like a playboy, he narrates his adventure bedding womens, one by one. He seemed to enjoy his high flying life very much. Being seduce, and seducing. It seemed like an everyday thing. But at the end of our conversation, he said he is not letting his gf to know all these wild adventures he has been doing.

Is that love? Is that respect?

If it is love, and why do we do things to hurt the one we love?

Why do we love then, when on the other hand we cannot stop indulging ourselves with this infidelity?

I have seen so many infidelity in my lifetime, so much so I question the existance of true love between couples.

Man having mistress behind their wives, woman seeing man behind their husbands. This world has gone so so wrong.

But one thing for sure, most people that keeps on sleeping with other person ended up very lonely themselve. Sometimes, their emptiness haunts them. They sometimes question their purpose of doing all this, feeling depress. To cover that, they keep endulging more and more. Falling deeper and deeper into whatever they were doing.

It is a no return path, but of course they can say that they live their life to the fullest before and no regret about it.

However, is this what life is all about? Is it not more fulfilling to see someone you love smile? Doesn't it bring more gratification when we spend more time improve ourselves intellectually?

For this person, I hope that he will find his true love one day. When true love comes, it comes with a bittersweet experience, bringing joy toward a level one would never knew exist. Perhaps that time, he shall learn what life is really all about, instead of living in this mirage that traps him in his so called adventurous life.

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