Friday, June 30, 2006

Arriving at Melbourne! Again!

Yeah, I am here again, after my last trip here last August. But this time my agenda is not really to tour Melbourne again. I am going to fly down to Tasmania tomorrow. Just gonna stop by briefly to see what my brother has been up to since our last visit to his place.

I arrived very early this morning to Melbourne Tullamarine on Singapore Airline . The flight was very packed, and there was this baby crying desperately throughout the 7 and half hour journey. It was not a comfortable flight at all. Last I heard was that my flight back to KL will be just as full. Sigh...

While waiting for the bus to Clayton where my brother is staying, I took the picture of sunrise. Gosh! How often to you get to take the sunrise picture when most of the time we sleep till late!!! Hahaha...



Anyway, for now I shall hit the sack and rest well. Am gonna steal and sleep on my bro's bed while he can sleep on his friend's. Hehehe...


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