Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tokyo Drift - *Drool*

So many nice cars around and so many sexy girls as well! Been drooling all the way with all the driftings these car does!

I really enjoyed this movie, and the story line was somewhat better than the previous two at any time I felt. Besides, in this new The Fast and The Furious, it has featured more skill required driving aka drifting, etc etc, than just driving fast plainly.

You should this green car as a whole. Heh.

Fighting the bad guys with and old junk, or not!

Not sure why, but I am very attracted to this guy call Han in the movie. The cool no-so-evil bad ass... he look kinda cute to me. Later I found out that his real name is call Sung Kang, and actually born in Georgia (What?!). Nonetheless I still adore him despite of not a real japanese per se. Hehehe...

That is the only pic of Han, I manage to find on the net.

And this is the car he drift cooly in the movie

Go watch it if you haven't, it is really more than just a guy thing in this movie. Loads of Tokyo scenery, viewing tokyo city life from a different perspective as compare to the typical boring visitor view.

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