Sunday, June 11, 2006

Taman Rimba Kiara - Rainy Misty Sunday Morning

Yawn... Blink... at 7am every Sunday, I am already fast awake all prepared to go for my weekly morning walk. My dad will be waiting in his car for us to get going.


But it is a rainy morning today. I somewhat think my dad is getting a bit too semangat (excited) these days for his weekly walk.


And so, we drove to the Taman Kiara Rimba. Though it is known as Kiara Park, to get to there, you actually use the Taman Tun route. Pass IBM building on your right after Pizza Hut, cross the traffic light and go straight all the way in. Then you can see the people all walking towards the uphill direction as if pilgrims or sorts!


Thanks to the Friends of Kiara, the surround area of this small little piece of greenery is now being protected and no further development will be allowed.


Gate remain closed? No longer ! The Friends of Kiara together with Malaysia Nature Society has managed to get DBKL to gazette this whole place as a permanent green lung. Apparently part of the park used to be a private own land previously.

Along the walk, can see that it is a misty morning today. Lush greenery awaiting ahead! It really feels great to wake up to this fresh cold early morning, breathing clean air. The birds' chirping escalates the calming scenery to a whole new level.





There are some downhills.


Some uphills as well.


Over all, the walk is pretty relax. It was very challenging for me at first, but now it really does little effect on the muscles if I take the walk easy. There are many people taking few rounds within the 2nd stage of the walk. (Hard to explain, go experience yourself).


It write here: "This Way To A Better Health"


Starts Here, where the 2nd circulating portion of the walk starts.

One thing amaze me, is that you find clean clear water running in these small creek here! One of them apparently is the source of the river, Sg. Kiara??? that they say gets contaminated just 3km away from the source. Sigh...




There are tracks that people venture into, since conventional walking is not their cup of tea. Some even ride their mountain bikes inside!


Along the way, you can see loads of litters, rubbish. It is not those inconsiderate morning joggers that did this.



But these!


They are everywhere!


And this is what the monkeys were suppose to eat originally.


That is why, it is important for you and I to be responsible not to bring food into this place. Don't feed the monkey's as well, as they can eventually become a pest when human activity pose a treat to their territory. Can you imagine how dangerous it is when the monkey start attacking young children with peanuts on their hands???


Be responsible as well, park your car at designated parking area. The entrace to the park is very narrow. Therefore city hall made this yellow box and the end of the road for people to U-turn back. Do not park here unless you want your car to be spitted at!


Don't bring your dog here, and horse as well (??? Probably because nearby Kiara Club as equestrian facilities there). You might like to enjoy a healthy morning walk out, but I think your pets love to stay home cozy much much more.


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