Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bakerzin, AGAIN! (Too much dessert in a night)

My mom thinks I put on too much weight these days. But Dana says: "When you are in Bakerzin, you don't think about weight issues here!"

Anyhow, I do think we are running out of good places to eat these days, not to mention good decent dessert joint. Here we are again at Bakerzin, but this time right at Bangsar Shopping Village. Even though we arrived around 9pm, I have the impression this place has more variety than the others even though nearing closing time.

Black Forest
We adore this piece of Black Forest Cake, as for once there are liqueur blue berries inside it.

Bakerzin Dessert Tapas
We has a 7 piece dessert tapas as well...

Bakerzin Dessert Tapas

Banana Cinnamon Pancake
Dessert Tapas : This is one of my favorite - Banana pizza (crispy) with cinnamon ice cream

Pistachio Creme Brulee
Dessert Tapas : Pistachio crème brulee - My favorite, loads of pistachio loaded into this

Rasberry Pannacota
Dessert Tapas : Raspberry panna cotta

Dessert Tapas : Caramel panna cotta

Bailey's Souffle
And of course, I must have my Bailey’s irish cream soufflé. (tips : Eat it as soon as it arrives on your table, cause it tends to 'deflate' after sitting a while, kih kih)

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