Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crazy Weeks!

Although I am feeling rather poor, and they say being poor, the days pass slowly, but I really have not much time to ponder upon that disturbing little news... So many stuffs been happening since last week, and stretch till next week. GOSH!

Apart from the stuffs that I've got to do: machine installation in Mardi, followed by next week trainings, quotations to follow up, logistic movement planning; There are new things that cropped up, till a point I no longer sure which one is more important anymore: Attacking customers with new machine specs before they making decision on what to buy, stuffs customer order but no stock -- need to find out urgently, news of machine breakdown that even the US guys now know about (you can definitely be sure my big boss knows now too... erm... no, it is not a good news).

Also being tied down with ill news from various people I know... pregnancy before marriage, having one wife bore him 4 kids and now want another wife... Not sure why I feel strongly over news like this even though they don't concern me though. Perhaps I might just as well get a nag from my mom to tell me off that I should mind my own business instead.

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