Friday, October 26, 2007

It's Year End Travel Season Again

At blink of eyes, and it is already November soon. So fast that this year of 2007 has come an end. And it is again a season of travel for me again. Lining up trips including week long Taiwan trip in end of November, which my father decided to sponsor me. Heh... Also not forgetting a 5-day trip crashing Seoul and winter skiing resort.

Was really terribly tempted to extend my trip in Korea since that the trip shall end two days before Christmas. Somehow the hesitation persisted, as I still wanting to stick to my resolution this year : save a bit more $$, work harder. Not forgetting the fact that I have bought my deary car that is needing more monthly payment now. :-)

I think I would like to travel even less next year, and save even more $$ while going back to study.

(p/s : I am not getting married just yet, in case you wondering why I turned into a someone take takes $$ so personally)

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