Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pasta de Gohan - Sunway Pyramid - BIG DISAPPOINMENT

After reading a few rather encouraging blog, Mark and I decided that we should have a try at this place.

Looking good from outside, we straight away feel rather hungry with so many types of pasta models fitted on the store window...

After we sat down, we were presented with this menu that seemed too many choices!!!

And more of the menu are here at their website:

So Mark decided to order himself this cream salmon with spinach in fettuccine while I settled in with tomato cream chicken mushroom with fettuccine as well. On top of that we see the portion seemed quite small and decided to have a sausage and egg plant pizza regular size.

Our meal came and looking terribly pathetic, both in quality and quantity, as relative to the price that they are charging!!

I mean, the portion is so small for the price they are charging! It took us less than 5 minute before we finished everything but still finding ourselves terribly hungry. It is not only that... the salmon in Mark's order, are cubed cutely, but tasting so so fishy. That usually means the fish is not fresh at all! Sigh... My chicken is no better as well... not well marinated and tasted like put together only when ordered... instead of having cook when ordered!


Our pizza... being charged at a price of RM24.80.


I expected something more than just a 2mm thick crust with miserable SPAM-like pork topping, surplus with that aubergine that looks like was a reject from the morning market.

For a disappointing meal, we pay RM83.25 and after that we went to Old Town coffee shop for nasi lemak to make things up.


No thanks, but I will never go to Pasta de Gohan again. Pizzahut~ I will never leave you again, erm and Dominos too!!!

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