Sunday, June 08, 2008

Thanks for Dinner... SMOOCH

After our disastrous pasta night out at Pasta de Gohan, it is not hard to imagine we've got to make things right.

Mark invited me to come around for a nice spaghetti last night. I always know he cooks very well, right from when we first met, he use to cook the Swedish meat ball with a family traditional recipe he got from a close Swedish friends many many years ago (gosh, I just miss that mashed potatoes with Edam cheese and fried chopped garlic), right till sometime ago when he cooked with stuffs we got from Cameron Highlands


When I was in Hobart Tasmania disturbing him, he cooked me a nice piece of steak Diane that till now I am finding that lovely taste so hard to forget


Sometimes he will spoil me with this Pina Colada (Mark's recipe of course)


So, this was what he cook for me this round...


Grilled chicken salad with mustard seed vinegar olive oil dressing. YUM!

Seafood marinara with cream sauce spaghetti, also loaded in with fresh sliced mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes

What more can I ask for, they are just so tasty and satisfying. We finished them off while watching final few episodes of Desperate Housewives season 4. I call this a nice good time spent together as a couple. I just feel such lousy cook myself really, but who cares, I will continue to look forward for more his pasta, stews, cookies, cakes, mash, meatballs... :P

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