Saturday, April 01, 2006

It is Ching Beng Prayer time again - Misc. ramblings

Gosh, what a hot day this morning. And since they've clearer up all the grass for once in 20 years, then I've my favorite pair of Nike sneaker all stained with mud and soil! Grrr...

Call me strange, but I sort of like to hear the kind of conversation my relatives have during sessions like this (e.g. praying to the dead). They were comparing to see who else has a twin grave like us. Well, our grave is a twin grave, because my grandmother decided that she wants to be buried next to my dead grandfather in future. Therefore, now there is this empty lot next to the dead grandfather, waiting for my grandmother to get in one day in the future. (Spooky thoughts, weird chinese culture).

Yes, strange it is. But in the original chinese culture, it is a great honour to the parents if their children has planned for the elder's death in advance. This include buying a very good fengsui piece of land waiting for them to crawl in when they are dead. Which also explains, in olden days, it is not unusual to see a good piece of coffin lying at the storeroom in family of rich household!

Anyways, then these relatives started talking about whether married couple should be buried at a different location. And grandmother was saying that if they often quarrel before that, then they should never be burried together. If the children do that for their own conviniences, they will make the dead parent go on quarreling when arrive at hell. Then the children will all have very bad bad karma later on, for next next next next generation, so on and on...

Hmmm... you can never debate on things like this with your grandmother.

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