Sunday, April 30, 2006

May 1st Labour Day - Long Weekend

Rotting slowly away at home, I accept the fact gruesome fact I have got no other option but to rot away om this long weekend. Well, it was really a personal choice at first, as I declined an invitation to a wedding dinner at Ipoh.

So at this home, I had enough of watching pDVD on the small computer screen, yet I fighting my chance to watch it on the tv outside with my parents. I tried watching some soapy korean drama (Lovers in Paris), and find it is not so interesting after looking at it for sometime.

Cleaning my room? Let me see, it look clean enough for now. Just tossed out numerous empty box not long ago and found some great stuffs to be auctioned off on Lelong. Maybe I should go compile the items to sell on Lelong, hmmm... but I am too lazy.

Most people might think that staying at home is the best choice to save $$. I would definately say that is not true anymore! Feeling hungry, I just spent RM26.80 ordering pizza from Domino's through the internet! Then I have paid RM22.00 for two movies tomorrow at GSC 1 Utama. Who say it is true you can spend less anymore??

The longer I sit here, the more I can spend. E.g. shopping away on and

Ok ok ok ok, I think I have enough grumblings. Gonna go do something productive here, and look at the GMAT questions before the pizzaman comes by. Will write again later!

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