Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ma Lei 马蕾 - China, Jiangsu No.1 Extreme Makerover Beauty

Recent reporting from Guang Ming Daily indicating that even China has caught on the fad on cosmetic surgery. Such extreme makeover facilities actually in turn created competition on China Extreme Makeover Pagent.

Then there was this girl call Ma Lei that become an instant hit in the most recent pagent. She was claimed to be Jiangsu No.1 Man-made beauty. Even though she did not win the All China No.1 award, but she managed to walk away with The Best Outlook Award.

Born in Jiangsu poverty slump, she was unlike what most chinese think of SuZhou girls - Beautiful, slender, attractive. Instead, she looked nothing more like typical ordinary China girl. But she wasn't ugly either, just normal.

Before operation - Picture courtesy from Sina

Ma Lei was attracted to a poster inviting volunteer for an extreme makeover project, carried out by Dr. Xie Da Ming. She was hessitating at first, but went nonetheless after being encourage by her friend. Her determination to go under the knife, has seriously motivated Dr. Xie to give her the best of all.

She went through 10 surgery all together, from rhinoplasty, liposuction, creating double eye lid. It was the hardest part of the whole process, being in pain constantly. Even her parents feel the pain too seeing her limping back home after the liposuction therapy.

Post Operation - Picture courtesy of Guang Ming Daily on her recent visit to Malaysia (click for larger size)

Her parents were very upset that their own daughter has turn out to be so rebelious. Such makeover is no common in small places where she grown up at. Even after her parents had forgave her, the local neighbourhood are still throwing her with dirty looks each time she walk pass them. It is such bad mouthing from neighbour that make her feel the worst, and feel indebted to her parents.

Ma Lei with Dr. Xie Da Ming - Picture courtesy from Sina

But for now, she has something more important to do upon gaining her new found beauty. Ma Lei is seriously looking into continuing her studies again. She said "Beauty is only skin deep, and I must change this by improving my inner beauty as well."

Writings about her (in Chinese):

  • 江苏第一人造美女
    Jiangsu No.1 Man-made Beauty
  • 江苏第一人造美女”马蕾 手术后与公众见面
    "Jiang Su No.1 Man-made Beauty Meeting Public For The First Time
  • ?生,我一定要做??手?
    Doctor, I must do this operation
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