Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cameron Highlands for a weekend away

Went to weekend getaway with Mark to Cameron Highlands.

This is me snapping pictures like an amateur!


And this is my chauffeur... no lah, it is Mark! My love~

Mark, my love

So, here we are, back at the place we always enjoyed staying at - The Cameronian Inn at Tanah Rata.

We always feel homey at Cameronian Inn

And we fed outselves with some totally awesome scones, with homemade strawberry jam and cream. Then wash down with Cameron Valley english tea. Yum...

Cameronian Inn

Had some very good food, e.g. the dinners at OK Tuck Brinchang, as well as the very strong tasting strawberry shakes at the KHM Strawberry Farm.

KHM Strawberry Farm

KHM Strawberry Farm

KHM Strawberry Farm for Strawberry Milkshake

KHM Strawberry Farm

But of course, there were disappointing ones too... such as the T-Cafe at Tanah Rata (above MarryBrown). They actually served my chicken chop with ice cold sauce! Bad service! No more going there indefinately.

T-Cafe, Tanah Rata

T-Cafe, Tanah Rata

We managed to take some time go up to the highest point of Cameron Highlands - Gunung Brinchang at 6666m (not sure what level they are referring here, as Mt. Kinabalu was merely 4844m above sea level)

At Highest Peak, Gunung Brinchang

Gunung Brinchang

Passed by the Sg. Palas Boh Plantation along the way... what a quiet and tough life the workers have here!

Boh, Sg Palas

Whilst on the way back to KL, we stopped by at the Sg. Klah Hot spring resort that caught quite a lot of attention from various bloggers recently.

Turning off from Sungkai toll plaza, the place is about 10km away with loads of road signs. You will definately not miss it.


Kinda secluded, but it is a big place when you reach there.

Sg Klah Hot Spring

Entrance fee for hot spring park is RM5, but there is option to go to the cold water park by paying RM8 for both park.

We took a peek at the public bath pool. I found the place was actually poorly done up, as most part of the park are still unpaved with people walking soiled all over, then carry into the clean hot water pool (EEK!). Mark and I don't think we want to soak ourselves into the dirty pool.

There's also this private jacuzzi pool you can use by paying RM25/hr more. Which in my opinion was not bad all.

Sg. Klah Hot Spring

Comes with shower place as well, albeit it will be open air one

Sg. Klah Hotspring

Nearby there are about 5 elaborate looking villas that the felda people renting out at RM450 per night. It comes with a private outdoor jacuzzi, plasma tv, astro. I kinda think that is really too much to ask for. But the reception says they've been fully book every weekend since started. Hmmm!

Anyway... comes to the end of my blog. Will leave you with few of pics I think it nice from this trip.

Taken at Cameronian Inn

T-Cafe, Tanah Rata

T-Cafe, Tanah Rata

Gunung Brinchang

KHM Strawberry Farm

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