Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Around Siem Reap, and others...

Yawn... its been so early we woke up to a delayed flight. Air asia is really good with that aren't they? Then again, what do u expect when you pay so little for a flight???

Fortunately our room at Khemera Angkor Hotel was bad at all...

By the time we are in Siem Reap, it was already well pass noon and our stomachs were growling. We just had to quickly feed ourself, simply at wherever the driver brought us to. It was this Khmer restaurant which was not so bad. Taste a bit like Chinese to me really.

We hanged around a bit more in town at this chic place known as Blue Pumpkin. Seems that it is a must go for every tourist in Siem Reap. Served very good food, especially the French patisseries. It seemed to us that most of the stuffs, up to the very detail of the custards, jam, chocolate coating are made themselves. Must try.

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