Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hello Nokia N73 Music Edition

Meet my other new new love -- The Nokia N73ME.


Was struggling a long time if I should get this phone, since it could really burn a big hole in my pocket. Also wasn't sure if I would like to have this phone over the SE K800i. Sniff, and Mark decided to sponsor me a large part of it.

After using it for few days, I am actually very glad that I've got this phone.

Apart from playing various games on it, found that I can take pictures (good ones too) whenever inspiration arise.

I can blog about food I eat more often I guess...




Blog about place I think that's kind cool too...

Sg. Klah Hot Spring

And take pictures with skin texture so smooth that you can't see my pimples. Haha...


But if you use the optical zoom too much, then the noise really can be nuisance!

Oh well, it is just a phone with a camera, can't demand so much.

Anyways, I am cool with the N73ME, as it comes with two speaker output, making music crisp clear when being played.

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