Saturday, April 21, 2007

War Museum ... Millitary Junkyard cum Mango Farm

In reality I was reluctant to go to this war museum caused we've got to fork out USD$3 for the entrance, as compare to the volunteers run Land mine museum start by Akira.


But since the place is near to our hotel, and we really had enough of temples visiting, Mark decided that we will just pop in to find out what issit so great about the War Museum.


Cleverly, they actually make full use to the "War Museum" by planting loads of mango trees. There are bundles of them hanging high up there since Mango is in season now. Perhaps it is one of the way they sustain their livelihood from the low turn up at their so called museum.




Why do I say it is so called? Because from what Mark and I observed, there are hardly any great value to the stuffs that they put here.



Most of the stuffs they put up here hardly work anymore, there are tanks that met their end after driving over land mines, heavily rusted equipments, more more land mines that NGOs dig up from various fields (at least some work, I think), and clothings worn during Khmer Rouge times.


Quietly they sat there looking at the people that came looking at them, reminiscing the older days when they ruled the city like a king...



Hmmm, and there was this spot here heavily labeled saying live mines around. Probably is part of the exhibition.



It comes with a big hole on the other side, which Mark thinks caused by a land mine.


There are some pictures around showing how mines get removed, showing land mine victims how they coped with lives. Though not the most informative, but it does make myself glad that the British colonial days in Malaysia has make a great deal saving us from such terrible aftermath resulted by civil wars. I am so glad that there wasn't time that we always get warned about land mines, like how we are here.



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