Thursday, January 13, 2005

A free day in Pattaya.

It is a free and easy day for all of us that attended the meeting here in Pattaya. We were allowed to choose one activity for the day, ranging from Golfing, Go carting, relaxing in the sheath by the pool side, and a luxurious spa massage.

I chose the relaxing spa massage, which prove to be a real enjoyment. I was first given a full body srub with a minty smelling salt or sort of. After that, I went for a shower, followed then with a mild massage. I really like the whole thing, from the calm smelling aroma therapeutic oil burning in the background, till the session where it was ended with a lightly sweetened ginger tea.

After that, I took a walk up the street to this large shopping mall, where the Big C supermarket was. Seeing that National Treasure was already showing in Thailand here, I quickly bought a ticket to catch this show at the cinema. As I sit down waiting for the show to start, the cinema started singing the Thai National Anthem. Gosh, everyone just sprung up and pay respect to the king when the National Anthem was sung. What an interesting experience.

The nite then ended with the Singapore rep treating us a very nice dinner at pIc Thai restaurant, that is not so far away from the transversite show -- The Alcazar. I liked the crispy fried rice cake, topped with a peanut based meat sauce. The dinner totalled up to 4808 bath!

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