Monday, January 17, 2005

Thai Traditional Massage

I always wonder why people, especially men, would be so engrossed about going for a Thai massage when they visit to Thailand. To me, any form of human skin contacts kind of "geli". That is particularly true when the person massages a certain spots, such as putting pressure at the thigh area.

But, I decided that I must try for one Thai massage just before I go off. I have tried the foot reflexology (Joy Foot) continuously two days opposite at where I stay (Ambassador Hotel, soi 13 Sukhumvit Road) and liked their healing touches very much.

The masseur led me up to 3rd floor area, where there are raised wooden platform rooms place into both side. These platforms were then separate into individual rooms by partition. The masseur then told me to change to more comfortable clothing.

She first started introducing herself to me in light touches at the foot area. Slowly she massaged harder. Followed by shoulder, and arm area, and the head. From tender massage movements, she introduces stretching to my body. At a certain part, her body is entangled with mine. And in my mind I was thinking: "So, this must be one of the reasons why the men liked the massage!"

The climax of the whole event is when she started walking along my back, and skillfully cracks my backbone as she walks. I was like "Wow! That takes a lot of experience!" It really feels great because ordinary hand massage cannot product that amount of pressure to relieve the body aches. Through good balancing, and understanding human anatomy, it seemed so easy for her to do that. She smiled and asked "Okay?" and I responded with a mere nod (cannot breathe).

The massage ended with a relaxing head and shoulder massage, and tea later. All for 300 bath 1 hour. I would have done it for 500 bath for 2 hours if I know it would be this good. All my shoulder aches seem to go away after that.

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