Thursday, January 27, 2005

Where has Dr. Majid gone?

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This is Dr. Majid, my favourite customer that once work in Biochem and Microbiology Dept in UPM, Serdang. He comes from a far place call Iran, together with his wife. His wife teaches in UPM too.

If you don't know, UPM is a government funded public university. Beside him, lies this machine that is related to my bread and butter. It doesn't really matter what is this machine, but what I really want to talk about is "Where has Dr. Majid gone?"

No one really knows the truth in the lab. He just left one fine day, when most of the students were on holiday. Dr. Majid was anxious because the government would not extend his working permit, instead they wanted him to find way to convert his visa to something else that is harder to apply. He waited for UPM to make him a real lecturer, but time runs out.

He was waiting too, where a job in Singapore Biopolice was promised to him. But no avail.

So, he choose to disappear. Some say he has gone back to Iran, for that he has not seen his mother for the last ten years. Some says he was eventually offered a job in Singapore. I wasn't sure who to believe.

I think I will miss this mentor that taught me so many things. It is not just me, his students been talking about him very often too. Although he can be harsh with them, but they miss his vast knowledge when comes to biotechnology research.

Good bye, Dr. Majid. We hope you will come back again to UPM soon.

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