Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where do you donate your money for the Tsunami Fund?

Everyone seems to donate their money one way or another to the Tsunami relief fund. My dad and I have a profound finding that, at any moment we shall not donate to any fund that will be channeled to the government. First of all, our government will only forward this money to the Aceh government, which then will eventually never reach the needy community.

Second, haven't you read that the Chinese in Aceh have been robbed and bullied after the inccident? Do you then think that the money that reach the acehnease government will be used to help them?

My thought is that, save your money, and let everyone in aceh died. Well, it is sad that the chinese will die too, but most of it, the majority of acehnease that behaved like a barbarian will die too eventually. Maybe at then, the world will be a slight more peaceful than before. Kih kih...

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